MOQ School continues to closely monitor the continuing developments regarding the coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19). Thank you for partnering with us as we navigate this continuously-evolving and difficult situation. The information below is based on the public health situation as we understand it today and is intended to support planning for school year activities and instruction. As shared previously, the safety of our teachers, students, and staff is our number one priority. We will continually monitor and update our school community of any changes.

COVID-19 Return to School Update

COVID-19 Exposure & Quarantine Guidelines

COVID Protocols If your child is COVID positive or if you have any questions about when to return to school after a COVID exposure, please contact the school office, 402-333-8663. See the graphic from Douglas County Health Department HERE to understand guidelines that MOQ School will follow to determine when students can return to school after a positive COVID case or next steps following a COVID exposure.

COVID-19 Graphic

Post Mask Mandate Update

Mask Mandate Update from Douglas County Health

DCHD School Recommendations